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Miriam Gilmore

Mortgage Broker

Miriam Gilmore, owner of True Mortgage Lending LLC. Being born and raised in Miami, Fl. Miriam loves the beach, boating and all things cultural in this beautiful city. Mother of 2 daughters 18 & 21, Miriam’s favorite pass time is just cooking at home and spending time with her family and lifelong friends. “When I begin working with a client, I like to get to know their unique story, whether they’re empty nesters, a young couple starting out their journey together, a new blended family, a newly single mom looking for comfort and affordability, these clients become friends and I truly want what is best for them and their families”.

Miriam began her career in the Real Estate Title Insurance Industry in 1993 when she opened Mutual Trust Title, Inc. a Title Insurance Agency that she would build and grow for 15 years. Being the sole owner of Mutual Trust Tile, Inc., Miriam ran all aspects of the business from Marketing, Strategic Planning and Customer Service to creating and implementing a balanced infrastructure to have the operation run as efficient as possible making sure customer service was always at its highest level. She also launched one of the first Lien Search companies in S. Florida in 1996 Citi Search Title Support Services as well as buying and operating a high-end furniture consignment store, The Furniture Exchange in 2009. These Entrepreneurial experiences have given Miriam vast knowledge in what it takes to build and run a successful business as well as taught her some valuable life lessons. To learn more about Miriam Gilmore and her Entrepreneurial Tips and advice, you can check out her podcast that you can listen to on Apple Music, Spotify or your favorite podcast provider, Shaken Not Deterred.

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